Bonkers 1200 HP Turbo Drag S2000

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S2000s weren’t built for drag racing, but that doesn’t stop people from trying.

The Honda S2000 has proven itself at Autocross events, HPDE track days, and in amateur and professional road racing around the globe However, one arena it is less prominent in is the good ‘ol 1320. Due to the open top and expensive-to-build F20/22C engine most Honda drag racers stick with Civics and Integras. Their front-wheel drive platforms are also easier to drive, as they don’t try to wheelie all the dang time. On the other hand high horsepower rear-wheel drive drag cars will try to flip you over all day. So, what if you want to build a serious drag S2000? Like, 1200 horsepower worth of serious. How much of the original S200o would remain?

1200 hp s2000 gold plated

In order to fit huge drag radials, you need to tub the rear end. To hold 1200 hp you need a serious rear diff, like a Ford 9-inch. Now you need to shift, a stock S2000 transmission will turn to dust with 1200 horses. So, to be fast you need a drag automatic transmission, which will require modification to the trans tunnel. From the engine bay back your S2000 will never be the same. In the pursuit of speed sacrifices must be made and one crazy S2000 tuner has done just this.

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A 1200 hp S2000 is no joke, but, if you are going to go drag racing, why not go big or go home? The F20/22C is a strong motor, with turbo builds making over 600 hp on the stock internals. However, astute mathematicians will note that 600 horsepower is not 1200 hp. In this video from Hoonigan’s Daily Transmission we meet a very extreme turbo S2000 drag car. Watch the video for all of the information on the full build and let us know what you think in the comments.

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