This Turbo S2000 Makes 1,000 Horsepower and Runs Easy 8s

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Kuwaiti car comes to race Import vs. Domestic with a nasty-sounding turbo motor and gorgeous launches.

Seldom do we see such a brutal collection of Honda S2000s, but the 2017 Haltech Import vs. Domestic World Cup Finals brought out some masterpieces. From a 200 mph monster to one with a 2JZ and some ad hoc-bodywork, we’ve fallen in love. And to that mix, you can add in Bader Dashti’s nasty-sounding S2000 from Kuwait, as shot by TalonTSi97Videos.

Dashti shipped his 1,080-horsepower S2K to Maryland International Raceway to run with the insanely close Super Street class. He qualified in the 8.40s, which put him 21st in a class where 0.5 second covered the entire eliminations ladder. He picked up a Round 1 win over the #12 ranked Civic with a monster 8.47-second run before bowing out in the next elimination.

Honda S2000 1,000 Horsepower Evan Tuning

Interestingly, Dashti launches the car pretty softly. That comes as a surprise after hearing how nasty it sounds when he puts it into the beams and gives the throttle a whack. You expect a violent launch, but the S2000 looks almost serene for a couple hundred feet before Dashti pours it on. At the top end, that’s meant numbers as big as 8.24 at 176 miles per hour.

Evan Tuning did most of the legwork on the F22 build. That includes the company’s own Stage 3 short block and heads. Evan also built or used dozens of their own components elsewhere in the build, including the catch-can and the intercooler that sends cold air into the Precision 7285 turbocharger.

The combination dyno’d at 1,080 horsepower and 725 pound-feet. MoTec M800 engine management keeps the F22 pumping out gobs of horsepower from the VP Racing C85 fuel. A G-Force built GSR transmission gets the power to the rear end, which features specially built axles from the Driveshaft Shop to handle the extreme levels of power.

Check out the full build details here on the Evan Tuning website.

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