Best Motoring: The Arvou S2000 Has Been Crashed

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In an episode of Best Motoring’s Hot Version, the Arvou S2000 fell off the road and through a crash barrier.

We are huge fans of Best Motoring, and the Hot Version series in particular. Unfortunately, the newer episodes tend to lack translation, and our Japanese language skills are rusty at best. However, we can see what happened quite clearly in the video. The Arvou S2000 was going up against the Revolution 86 in a Gunsai Touge time attack. Both cars are heavily modified, which just makes the crash all the sadder.

Arvou S2000 on the touge.

The S2000 is the show car for Japanese tuning house and it features a built and tuned engine with an HKS GT Supercharger. To go with that, just the start of the parts list includes a dry carbon face kit, an Amuse carbon hood, an ATS LSD and an AP big brake kit.

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On the day of the crash, the Arvou S2000 was being driven by Max Orido. On his first run, Orido finds that the rear of the car wants to skip and break loose. For the second run, he copes well with the oversteer as the tires warm up. However, although he’s picking up good speed, he’s troubled by the rear end, and Arvou pulls it apart to see if they can find a solution.

Arvou made a change in the steering geometry and Orido went for another run. He was a lot happier this time with the rear end grip and stability. He still had the team make some changes in the damping to tweak the handling though. Orido then put down a fast time, but still complained about how hard the car is to drive. On his next run with fresh tires, he gets a fast competitive time down. Then, when he goes out again, it looks like the rear end bit him hard under power getting towards the corner exit. He bounced off the steep hillside, the car straightened and went under the barrier. Apparently it’s not the first time he’s gone off at the corner. We just hope it’s the last!

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