S2000 Track Car Takes On Germans And Americans At Laguna Seca

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A well-heeled driver in an S2000 can show pricier sports cars a thing or two.

Let’s start off with one very well-known fact. The S2000 is widely loved for one specific reason. For its high-revving engine? Yes, but not exactly. For its styling? True, but today’s lesson. For its handling? BINGO!

Without a proper handling chassis, it’s doubtful that Honda’s sports car would have had much success. Competent engineers made sure the car was light, excellently poised, and ready to embarrass cars with much higher price tags. Well, in the corners at least.

Monterey’s Laguna Seca (now just Laguna Seca since Mazda’s partnership has dropped) is the location for this exciting video featuring what an AP2 can do in the hands of a good driver Granted, it’s up against some very hefty machinery. Mostly those with the engine at the opposite end.

S2KI.com Zygrene Laguna Seca Super Car Hunting Porsche 911 GT3

Driving the S2000 is a fellow who goes by Zygrene on social media. According to his Facebook page, he does have a few modifications done to his AP2, although Honda’s faithful VTEC motor still resides under the hood. Power will not be at his advantage.

Fun is had by seeing how well the Honda can keep up with cars. Porsche GT3’s are no match on the straights, nor are Viper ACR’s, or even older 996 911’s, and inevitably, a McLaren, too. Zygrene’s sessions aren’t a complete sea of blue flags, however, as the technical portions of Laguna Seca play to the lightness of the Honda.

If you want to see some good driving, check it out!

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