YouTuber Surprises His Girlfriend By Buying Her An S2000

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It was bought as a Valentines Day gift, so we know where the bar is set.

YouTuber TJ Hunt had a special plan for his girlfriend for Valentines day. Not being the overly-romantic types, the car enthusiast couple had made a promise not to get chocolates or flowers or anything of the sort because it’s “just another day.”

Instead of trying to hide the surprise, Hunt decided that the best way to do it was to hide it in plain sight. Hunt instead proclaimed that he’s looking for a new project car for himself.

Knowing that his girlfriend has been eyeing a Honda S2000 for a while, he found one with a unique blue interior that would perfectly suit what she wanted in a car. “This is definitely a car that’s been used,” Hunt points out. Key clues to that are the addition of a gauge pod on the A-pillar and coilover suspension. However, the concept of a project car is nothing new for Hunt.


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As a benefit, Hunt’s girlfriend was absolutely in love with the car, noting the unique blue interior. For Hunt, that pretty much sealed the deal that he found the right project car for her. With the car in seemingly in good shape, a cash offer for the 98,000 mile car was put down.

With the offer accepted, and the car now in Hunt’s possession, it was time to still keep the plan under wraps. The big unveiling would come after a Valentine’s Day dinner, where Hunt would ask his girlfriend to park the S2000 in the garage, and bring up some of the paperwork. On top of the paperwork would be a note which would say “surprise! It’s yours!” Tj Hunt Buys Girlfriend Honda S2000 Surprise Gift

The whole plan came together perfectly, and as you can see by the reaction, someone had a great evening. What will be done with this project car? Well, we’ll stay tuned and let you know but we have a feeling it’ll be more “go” than “show.”

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