Supercharged S2K is Your Daily Dose of Honda Goodness (Video)

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Supercharger, 9,000 rpm, and a color shifting wrap? We’ll take one to go.

We came across this video of a really clean S2000 and we had to share. Though it was the wrap that caught our attention it’s the details that made us look the owner up. The video is by Wastegate Media, and the Honda S2000 is owned by a guy named Mel. We found his Instagram, garcia_s2k, and with it the details we wanted after seeing his car set to music.

We’d recommend headphones since our phone speakers didn’t put out the kind of bass JAEGER is laying down. The guys at Wastegate found some excellent roads, including a tunnel, to take the S2000 through. It’s moments like these where we wish there was a clip of the S2000 wringing out a few gears. Mel has an F20C that’s getting a little extra help courtesy of a Vortech Supercharger.

You didn’t think we’d leave you hanging, did you? Because, c’mon, on-ramps are MADE for getting up to speed. An extra 70 to 80 hp at the rear wheels is what Vortech promises on their website AND it’s CARB legal. That’s especially important since Mel’s rocking California plates. Not bad, especially since the car could just have easily been dropped with a wrap. We’re glad it’s a full build.

Under the hood the supercharger isn’t even the only eye candy: the coil cover looks dope. Looks like a CNC’d aluminum piece that’s got some color-shift to it, like the wrap.

Mel notes in the description that the valve cover color is a custom PPG color he came up with. Though we couldn’t confirm, we’re pretty sure Mel works for a body shop.

How do you feel about the color-shifting vinyl wrap he’s rocking? It’s not permanent and will protect (to an extent) from rock chips and etc. On the other hand, his S2000 looks so good in white!

What would you do with a supercharged S2000? Join us in the forums and let us know!

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