Voltex Teases Insane Next Generation S2000 Aero Kit

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S2KI.com Voltex S2000 Widebody Aero Kit

Voltex President sets Facebook comments on fire with pictures of the latest S2000 build in the workshop.

S200 fans and owners alike are familiar with Voltex. This Japanese brand has become synonymous with high performance track cars. Voltex body kits, wings and aero devices help motivate some of the fastest time attack cars in the world. So, when the brand makes an announcement, of any sort, people take notice.

That brings us to Akihiro Nakajima, and Facebook. On Facebook, Nakajima’s job title is 代表取締役 at (株)ボルテックス. If your Japanese is a bit rusty, we can fill in the gaps: CEO at Voltex.

Nakajima took to Facebook and dropped a few pictures of what is currently happening in the workshop. This promptly caused a torrent of comments and questions.

S2KI.com Voltex S2000 Widebody Aero Kit

This time attack build takes a few familiar Voltex elements, like the front bumper, and then extends, expands and racecar-a-fies them. A massive lip is blended into that bumper, and beneath it is an even larger splitter element. The massively flared fenders feature extensions to blend into the front lip and side skirts. Working with these incredible aero tweaks is a vented hood. Our eyeball measurements have those hood vents pegged as being more of an aerodynamic aid than a cooling one, though, both are probably improved with the addition of the vents.


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The rear of the car is only just beginning it’s transformation into a widebodied time attack car, but the side profile, shown below, is promising. Massive, scalloped side skirts appear to blend into a massive flat floor aero element.

Not only should this Voltex S2000 have an impressive aero profile, but the widebody means this S2000 certainly doesn’t struggle with wheel fitment. The rolling gear measures 18×10.5″ +15 with a 285/30 tire. For experienced S2000 wheel and tire pros the super low offset and wheel width sounds like a dream. However, Nakajima-san posted follow-up images in the comments. This car is running 20mm spacers all around. So, the final wheel spec is 18×10.5″ with a -5 offset.

What do you think about this latest Voltex build? We can’t wait to see it hit the track.

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