Wide Body Kit Time for Bagged and Stanced AP1

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If you have some fender flares, why not use them for your wide body kit?

It’s hard to leave a stock vehicle alone. That’s a problem that exists for both the performance minded and those who are looking at design. Phill, from the Phills2k YouTube and Instagram channels falls into that later category. His AP1 is bagged with much wider wheels and tires, a duckbill rear spoiler and other touches throughout. However, all the metal is still the same and he’s pondering whether or not he should add fender flares for a wide body kit.

Phill had indicated he’d had the rear flares for a while, and didn’t want them to go to waste. So it was worth while to at least mock them up. He does like the way it looks with the stock body, but it is perhaps time for a change and to stand out from the crowd. It also takes a certain commitment to cut up a factory clean fender in order to install such a kit. Once you’ve started, there’s no going back.

AP1 S2000 wide body flares

Phill’s S2000 would work well with a wide body kit considering his wheel and tire set up. Right now he has poke, so when he lets the air out of his bag system, the fender sits on the tire. Pushing those fenders out a little bit could allow tuck, but he doesn’t really want that. Instead he wants the fender to be on the lip of the rim.

Phill’s wide body kit would be simple flares, but there’s other kits that also include full fender replacements. As well there’s a number of mounting options to pick from. Do you go with the exposed-rivet look? Or do you make the flare look like a factory option, blending the flare into the factory panel? When it comes to looks, the best decision is the one that makes you the happiest with your Honda.

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