S2000 Powered Tacoma Is One of the Coolest Swaps Around

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S2000 Powered Toyota Tacoma

It took a ton of work to transplant an AP2 S2000 drivetrain in this compact pickup. But the results are well worth it.

The F20C we’ve all come to know and love from the driver’s seats of our personal S2000 rides is already a legend in the world of engines. Thus, it’s no surprise that we’ve also seen all different kinds of crazy swaps involving this high-revving little four banger. But this 1997 Toyota Tacoma, which we spotted on Craigslist, might just take the cake for the most unique swap we’ve ever seen. And it’s also one of the coolest.

The first thing you’ll undoubtedly ask about this build is, why? Well, thankfully, we’ve got an answer for that. Road & Track reached out to the seller and got the answer for that, along with a number of other tidbits. Apparently, he purchased the project from a buddy who got the idea from another friend who built another Toyota truck with the same S2000 powertrain. Two S2000 powered Tacomas? Say it ain’t so!

S2000 Powered Toyota Tacoma

A local shop helped the original owner source the engine, transmission, and gauge cluster from a wrecked AP2 that had only 85,000 miles on the clock. Fitting it all into this little pickup took a ton of custom fabrication, chopping up the firewall, and even building a new transmission tunnel. But judging by the results, we’d say all that work was definitely worth it.

The gauge cluster and red start button function perfectly, and we’re guessing this Tacoma is a blast to drive. Not to mention one of the more unassuming S2000 powered vehicles on the planet today!

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