Bagged Honda S2000 Makes Case for Air Suspension

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You don’t see a ton of bagged Honda S2000 examples running around. But it’s this guy’s favorite mod to date!

Air suspension are all the rage in certain segments of the custom automotive world. You see plenty of bagged old trucks and Lexus luxury sedans all over the place, after all. But you don’t see a ton of Honda S2000s on bags running around. Why not, you ask? Well, typically we’re more about performance than luxury ride comfort, and the low life, for starters. And while bags have proven to be performers in some applications, we tend to simply ignore them.

But as YouTuber Phills2k Vlogs points out in this video, maybe that’s a mistake. In fact, he specifically names his air suspension as his absolute favorite mod on the entire car. His Air Lift V2 setup isn’t anything too “crazy,” yet it’s still able to “get up and get down.” And that’s all it needs, really. Our host doesn’t go into much detail, simply providing a visual demonstration. And that’s all we need, really. Because who wouldn’t want the ability to lift the car up and avoid damaging precious bodywork while also retaining the ability to easily drop their car back to the ground for that perfect Instagram shot?

Honda S2000

Of course, that isn’t the only mod our host loves on his Honda S2000. There’s the set of LED-equipped Buddy Club taillights and the EP3 Recaro seat-equipped interior. Then there’s the 5-inch dished wheels. And, last but not least, the hard top and a “screaming” Invidia test pipe.

Honda S2000

All of which are cool additions to the Honda S2000, no doubt. So choosing the bagged suspension as your favorite mod is a curious choice. Sure, this particular car is stanced at the moment. But if you can retain your car’s sublime handling while adding a comfy ride and adjustability, it makes total sense to us!

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