Purpose-Built Honda S2000 is a Time Attack Beast

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Honda S2000 race car takes the tightest turns of the famous Japanese road course with ease.

The video above comes to us from the Attack Official @DAYS YouTube channel and it features a Honda S2000 AP1 in action on the Tskuba Circuit in Japan. This footage appears to have been captured during part of the Attack 2018 Tsukuba Championship and while we don’t know how well this AP1 finished in the series, it certainly appears to have turned in a solid lap time.

The Machine

Unfortunately, there are no details on the car accompanying the video, but we know from the information in the video that this Honda S2000 is riding on Bridgestone Potenza RE-05D tires measuring 265/35-18 up front and out back. In addition to the aftermarket wheels and tires, this AP1 appears to have a lower-than-stock stance, so when coupled with the handling performance, we are inclined to guess that the suspension and chassis setup of this Honda have been modified.

Honda S2000 AP1 Race Car Turning In

Of course, that huge rear wing didn’t come on the S2000 from the factory, nor did that particular front fascia, so in addition to the better tires and suspension, this Honda also has aerodynamic upgrades.

We don’t know about the engine, but this Honda S2000 AP1 appears to be pretty heavily modified for time attack, and based on this video, it is good as what it does.

Honda S2000 AP1 Race Turn Driving Away

Attacking Tsukuba

The video begins with the red-and-black AP1 coming to the starting line of Tsukuba as its time attack lap begins. We can see that the car is nice and stable through the turns, sticking to the track as the driver carves through the corners and blasts down the straightaways.

The lap appears to be very good and as the S2000 comes to the stripe, it stops the clocks with a time of 1:01.506. We don’t know where that ranks in the Attack 2018 championship, but the driver of this Honda is likely happy with this clean lap of the intricate Japanese road course.

Honda S2000 AP1 Race Car Front

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