Shop Fail Turns Into Nightmare Fuel for S2000 Owner

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What started out as a brake master cylinder replacement turned into a totaled Honda. 

There’s few things scarier to a car enthusiast than letting someone else repair your car. Most of us pride ourselves on our wrench-spinning ability and see shop work for basic items as a lazy way out. However some jobs are a bit too big for the DIY mechanic, and thankfully, there’s a lot of enthusiast owned and operated shops to choose from these days. 

Still, that doesn’t always prevent bad things from happening. Chris Harikian from the SuperCarSuspects YouTube channel just experienced an ordeal no one wants to go through. His recently purchased S2000 was at a shop to repair a clutch and master cylinder issue. And during its time at the shop, it fell off the lift. 

A few stories went back and forth, whether it was a failure of the lift, and the arms swung out, or it it was improperly situated on the lift to begin with. Either way, the lift fail managed to rip up some of the frame rail on the way down, meaning this car’s life on the road is no longer. 

S2000 fail mechanic shop

Normally, if you get a flat tire, you know what to do. Same with losing a transmission. But having a shop total your car requires lawyers and your insurance company (and theirs, too). A trip to the body shop doesn’t hurt either. 

Sadly, the body shop and Harikian’s insurance company will confirm that it is indeed totaled. How the matter will be resolved will likely be in another video, but for us, we’d have to speculate the shop’s insurance would cover the loss. Hopefully the shop is reputable and doesn’t fight against doing the right thing. So the big question isn’t what kind of car he’ll get next, instead: what color will his next S2000 be? 

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