2019 Miata Receives Tasty Updates, Would You Buy One?

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2019 Mazda Miata

Full host of engine improvements and a higher redline have some S2KI members contemplating the new Miata.

It’s a question that, quite frankly, S2000 guys probably get tired of hearing. But since our beloved Honda roadster looks like it’s never coming back, it’s also a fair question. Yes, you’ve probably all been asked at least once in your life “would you buy a Mazda Miata?” It makes sense on some levels, because the Miata is pretty much the last affordable, peppy, fun-to-drive (new) roadster left in the world. And now that it’s getting some intriguing updates for 2019, S2KI forum member Jah2000 thought it appropriate to ask that question one more time.

“2019 Miata ND gets a pretty big engine update. Pretty much every engine internal (that matters) modified. Lighter pistons and rods, reformed crankshaft, modified valve opening angle (I assume ported heads), valve lift (higher lift cams), stiffer valve-springs, bigger throttle body (intake manifold too?). Bigger exhaust manifold, higher flow exhaust, improved injectors, improved throttle pedal, more head-flow all-around, etc. 

181 hp peak at 7,000 rpm (previous peak was 6000rpm). Redline is 7,500 rpm (previous was 6,800 rpm). Torque only +3 more than before, but 600 rpm earlier now. Sounds like a lot of mods. So I assume they left a lot of headroom for more high-rpm reliability. And maybe the base tune is conservative and redline was set lower at 7,500 for reliability. To me, as an S2k owner and a long-time lover of high-revving Honda engines, this is super exciting and good news. You?”

2019 Mazda Miata

Unsurprisingly, this news has quite a few die-hard S2000 folks rather excited.

“Yep, I’m going to test drive one,” admits ragtophardtop“I’m getting to the end of my days owning a manual due to back problems. So an automatic ND2 is pretty interesting in the revised form.”

“The ND is very light indeed, as low as 2,332 lbs,” said Nerd-Vol. “Very impressive as that’s around what some of the later NAs weighed around if I remember correctly. The ND was already peppy and good fun, this ND2 should be a riot.”

2019 Mazda Miata

Heck, this whole Miata evolution thing even reminds Jah2000 of the S2000.

“Seems like very great lengths to improve the same car within the same generation. This great effort really reminds me of when they were improving the S2k every other yea. From MY00/01 to MY02/03 to MY04/05, etc. I think that’s so awesome! Miata is really doing it right. And also a good influence to other car manufacturers – make future generations lighter and more rev happy.”

2019 Mazda Miata

From the sounds of things, the new Miata even has more than one member contemplating a switch.

“Interesting. I haven’t ever paid attention to Miatas but these are pretty nice looking. Much more masculine looking,” said IA-SteveB.

“It’s really tempting me as a someone who is looking for a new toy,” admitted Say Chi Sin Lo“Before, it was a no-brainer to go with a used AP2 Honda S2000. But now with this updated engine…oooooo.”

2019 Mazda Miata

Perhaps this is finally the car that gets some S2000 die-hards to make the once-dreaded switch? Head over here and tell us what you think about the new MX5, and let us know if your loyalty is swayed by these recent developments!

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