Would You Trade Your S2000 for a Super Clean Toyota Corolla AE86?

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Would You Trade Your S2000 for a Super Clean Toyota Corolla AE86?

Modified AE86 comes with some sweet, rare JDM parts installed, and can help you fulfill your Initial D fantasies.

This question comes straight from the S2KI forums, where user mycrors4 has listed their beautiful Toyota Corolla AE86 for trade. As per the ad, our seller has been contemplating an F20C swap for their 86, but, ultimately, stepped back and realized that they might rather just have another S2000.

This AE86 has a clean title, and, apparently, really clean paint and body, but it also has 242,000 miles on the odometer. As such, the seller seems to understand what the car is worth, and what they are asking for, saying “looking to trade for a high mileage(over 180k miles) Clean Title AP1. If you feel crazy enough to trade me a lower mileage one or even an ap2 by all means ill consider it lol.”

Would You Trade Your S2000 for a Super Clean Toyota Corolla AE86?

The list of upgrades and modifications is quite extensive.


  • Metal Cooling Plate
  • Bone Stock 4AC
  • HKS Sport Exhaust
  • T3 Testpipe

Suspension and Drivetrain:

  • Fortune Auto Front coilovers w/ radial bearings (7kg spring rate)
  • TRD Japan rear springs (5.5kg)
  • KYB AGX rear shocks
  • T3 extended lower arms
  • Battle Version Tension Rods
  • Prothane 4 Link Bushings
  • C’s Short Shifter w/ Cusco Brass Bushings
  • Front Strut Tower bar (unknown brand)
  • Rear C-pillar hatch bar (unknown brand)


  • OEM JDM Kouki Bumper w/ Goodline slits
  • OEM Zenki Lip
  • DevilRun Bash Bar
  • Raybrig headlights
  • OEM JDM rear bumper with OEM Brackets
  • Redline Tail Lights and Center Garnish
  • Advan Oni’s(15×7 +15, 15×7.5 +2)


  • Bride Uni F and Uni E front seats (very rare. only grey/black pair that i know of in the states)
  • GTV rear seats and panels
  • Works Bell Hub
  • Momo Steering Wheel
  • Dash Cap
  • Pioneer Radio
  • Expert OZ floor mats

Extras included:

  • Group Buy Spot for Brand New Volk TE37’s in Ti Silver. 14×7 +0
  • Stainless Steel Brake Lines
  • OEM Style Side Skirts
  • OEM Hatch Spoiler
  • GTS Gas Tank and Lines
  • GTS Bellhousing
  • Kouki GTS Rear End w/ Brakes/Lines/Proportioning Valve
  • Manual MR2 rack with Supra Intermediate Shaft
  • DevilRun Panhard Brace
  • Rear Shock Tower Bar(Unknown Brand)
  • Bunch of Random Interior bits in Black and Maroon

Would You Trade Your S2000 for a Super Clean Toyota Corolla AE86?

So, it has a lot of valuable JDM goodies included, and it looks stunning. However, that 4AC engine, no matter how reliable, is a dog, and the car isn’t a real GT-S model, which does impact the value notably. It’s the perfect candidate for a powertrain swap, or to keep as-is, and dominate Instagram, or the local car show scene. But is that enough for you to trade the keys to your ride for? Let us know.

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