Jake Stumph is the Content Editor who runs S2KI, and several other Internet Brands Automotive websites. He enjoys track days, drifting, and autocross, at least, when his cars are running right.

Voltex Teases Insane Next Generation S2000 Aero Kit

S2KI.com Voltex S2000 Widebody Aero Kit

Voltex President sets Facebook comments on fire with pictures of the latest S2000 build in the workshop.

  Comments | By - July 12, 2018

Japanese S2000 Gets Slideways, Leaves Us Wanting More

S2KI.com Honda S2000 S2KI Drifting

This video is criminally short, and leaves us with unanswered questions.

  Comments | By - April 16, 2018

Throwback Thursday: J’s Racing vs. Powerhouse Amuse S2000

S2KI.com Honda S2000 Touge Battle Best Motoring J's Racing Powerhouse Amuse

Best MOTORing puts two of Japan’s finest tuners to the test in the touge.

  Comments | By - March 15, 2018

Street Racing Stupidity: S2000 vs. Nissan XTerra

S2KI.com Street Racing Honda S2000 vs. Nissan Xtrerra Embarrassing

The unlikeliest of match-ups leads to an embarrassing end result.

  Comments | By - March 13, 2018

Ultra-Low Mileage AP1 S2000 Hits BringATrailer

S2KI.com Low Mileage AP1 Honda S2000 BringATrailer auction prices

S2000 enthusiasts and speculators alike are chomping at the bit to buy this pristine AP1 S2000.

  Comments | By - March 12, 2018

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