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S2000 Lift Kit

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Default S2000 Lift Kit

Introducing, the first ever S2000 Lift Kit...

I didn't want to lower my car, but did want the other advantages of such springs. Higher spring rates, progressive springs (less roll, more immediate steering response), etc.

I chose H&R lowering springs, for a variety of reasons. These are among the most modest lowering, spec'ed at .75" front, .6" rear. But on my car, they lowered an inch in front, and barely any at all rear. Yes, I clocked bushings properly. Link below to thread on that. I was very thorough, and redid it twice just to make sure. No, I did not mix up front and rear.

Link to previous thread

For whatever reason, on my car the springs lowered off spec.

So...I raised the front by inventing a 'Lift Kit'. If you have lowering springs that are too low, but otherwise like them, you could do similar.

I raised the lower spring perch with a spacer ring I made. This essentially added preload. Since stock shock has no length adjustment, preload raises ride height at the same time that it changes ratio of compression vs rebound stroke length (bringing it back closer to stock values).

I used a 2" cast iron pipe I bought on Amazon (home despot doesn't carry this size. A local plumbing store might).

Amazon Pipe Amazon Pipe

I cut the pipe to length, then ground a bevel top and bottom to fit bevel of shock and lower perch.


The spacer ring: (its about 3/8" of perch lift.)

Bottom side, note inward bevel:
S2000 Lift Kit-20181111_161730-3984x2241.jpg

Top side, note outward bevel:
S2000 Lift Kit-20181111_161723-3984x2241.jpg

Test fit, unpainted ring:
S2000 Lift Kit-20181111_161709.jpg

Test fit, completed ring;
S2000 Lift Kit-20181111_174452.jpg

Note that an alternative method is to add a spacer on top of tophat. Basically a big, thick washer, with holes for tophat studs. The studs are plenty long enough to accomodate such a spacer. So a plastic or metal spacer between tophat and body would accomplish a similar ride height increase, but not alter shock preload. I tried it first this way, as a Proof Of Concept, but decided to do the perch spacer since it brings suspension travel closer to stock.
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That's a good idea for oem Honda shocks
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