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AEM Serial Gauge

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Thank you so very much AJ! I'll print this and put this in the folder of s2000 electronics.
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Originally Posted by averageJoe View Post
necro bump. can you fix the images again?
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Hey Guys, thanks for the information here, it should be a good place for me to figure out how to do this as well.
As others, I realize this thread is old but it doesn't seem like there's a lot of great information out there on how to set this up.

I bought my car already boosted with an EMS V1 and am jumping in to somewhat of a clusterf*&^ of wiring and wishing to clean it up a bit and add an oil pressure sensor and maybe others in the future....
Car is an 05 with a built F22c, eaton mp62 SC, boost gauge, AFR gauge, and Serial gauge currently ( shows pre set configs I'm assuming at this point )

Any chance on getting the photos updated or does anyone know of any other threads relating to the topic of programming the serial gauge that I should read up on?

I also found this post....


Some more info on the wiring....

I will likely be setting up mine as suggested here:

Originally Posted by Boostaholic View Post
Old thread, but here is your fix for the dash issue when replacing the OEM on/off dummy sensor with a real oil pressure sensor as I just went through this myself.

1) remove the OEM on/off oil pressure sensor & replace it with your "real" oil pressure sensor of choice.
2) Wire the new sensor up to one of the spare inputs on the AEM EMS as stated above.
3) Connect the wire that conected to the original OEM on/off oil pressure sensor to one of the spare switched outputs on the AEM EMS
4) Enable the switched output on the EMS that is now connected to the OEM oil pressure "sensor" wire to open/close the circuit (turning the oil pressure idiot light on the dash on and off) based on the oil preasure reading that your new sensor provides.
5) Smile & drink a beer :-D

Best part is you can now set the dash oil light to turn on/off at whatever oil pressure you like, as oppose to whatever the OEM oil switch is calibrated to.
And for anyone else searching for information, this seemed to be a pretty solid write up I found on an MR2 forum.... 7th post down ( please note wiring colors etc. will be different )


I figured putting everything here may help others save some time searching since this thread seems to come up more frequently than some of the others I found.
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Anyway to update these pics? :/
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Originally Posted by AP1Chief View Post
Anyway to update these pics? :/

PM him to respond here.
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Default Bump 2019 :)


Got a file and setting from another fellow s2000 driver but it's not reading correctly. Lambda is 0.3 off it seems and knock h2o en battery voltage are in another dimension. Anyone have got some info or help?
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