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My 330 WHP F Series Stroker Build!

Old 07-29-2015, 11:09 AM
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Awesome build, great numbers, looking forward to pics & vids.
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Congrats too You, 4Piston (designing the right cams) and Inline Pro (pioneering S2K Stroker kits).

We hope we can help in other ways in the future.

As far as ITBs, Kinslers are great and might be the best in the business as far as quality. They are the most expensive and their throttles are so big, we feel they are meant for drag more than road racing. Several customers we have talked too say they are ON or OFF, which is perfect for drag. We feel this is due to size of the Kinslers. Also, for S2K, they don't offer a bleed port or water return port that mates to OEM.

That being said, Size of the throttle is overrated, if the Kinslers are 5.5" away from the port and AT Power is 1.5" away from the port, they should be different sizes. Our 52mm can flow as well as 60mm as they are similar sizes in proportion from their distance to the valve. Also the ovals provide more modulation as they their vacuum varies more through out the TPS range, more linear and less ON/OFF. Finally, we have been working with Gernby on custom runners that can provide up to 3% power/torqe gains & broader torque. 06Estukay will be able to upgrade to these once developed as our runners are modular.

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This is great!!! Congrats on an amazing build. Wish you the best with it.

We switched over to the Infinity a few years ago and have loved every minute of it. It is by far the best ecu we have ever used.

In regards to the ITBs comments, I have a few sets of Kinslers that I would be happy to lend you for testing if you are up to it. We could see for sure what the difference may be.
Just a thought.

Good luck with everything.
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Originally Posted by 06Estukay View Post
She's docile and pretty dead below 5000 rpm, but as soon as it gets to 5500-6000, it's like a punch in the face.

that's awesome!
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This is amazing in every way. Congrats
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Thanks for all the kind words guys.

Ninekallday, would love to take you up on the offer, but logistics is gonna suck since I live in Canada
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Etsukay, really love your build! Doing a similar one, but based on the F22C crank, since I'd rather have higher revs and shorter gearing, but there are quite a few things I want to do next, few of them being the Urge Oval ITBs, and a head done by 4Piston, but that's for when I up the stroke just a bit more and upgrade the CR and the internals!

Looks great, keep up the good work, more than 300WHP NA is a dream for most, and you reached it!
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I would have loved to see video of the dyno pull. When is the first test session on track, I want to see video of that.

My dream motor build. ITBs, high reving, F-series block, made for circuit (not drag) use, N/A - everything that I want. Keep us posted on reliability.
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Nice work, Reading the post so you never broke 260whp on the stock intake manifold? That's what I found with the K24. Swapped manifolds and suddenly it made power easier.
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Originally Posted by Mrsideways View Post
Nice work, Reading the post so you never broke 260whp on the stock intake manifold? That's what I found with the K24. Swapped manifolds and suddenly it made power easier.
Was that on a AP2v2 after it had been enlarged for and fitted with a larger throttle body?
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Quick Reply: My 330 WHP F Series Stroker Build!

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