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US Rt 250

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Default US Rt 250

A few years back we decided to travel to the east coast by way of US 250. It starts at Port Clinton, Ohio, runs through nice farm country in SE Ohio, then south of Wheeling the road gets twisty. I am driving a stock 2000 S2K. Down in West Virginia, an older white mustang GT pulls out of a side road behind me and roars up behind me. Mostly I think the guy wants to pass so I slow down on a straight stretch. Nope, he just revs his engine. Alrighty then. I drop it down and begin to take the turns like the S2K is meant to do.

After a bit, my wife is getting that white-knuckle-I'm-getting-sick-look, so I think I had better slow down. As I do I watch the mustang, now a quarter mile back, do one of those famous mustang slides to the inside of the turn with his back end coming around. He didn't wreak it, but he was facing north in the south lane. He vanished from view as I took the next turn. I backed it down to cruising and about 15 minutes later he comes up again. I just slow down and wave him past. As he roars past me, but in his rush he hits a rather large stick that had fallen into the left lane and I hear it bang on the front of his car. That was very satisfying. I am sure he went back and told his buddies how he passed an S2000 on 250.
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