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Default battery

Is it possible to find an ORG. battery for my 2007 S2000. I am trying to keep my 12000 mile car stock as I can. After 12 years the ORG. battery let me down. LOL Thanks
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I'm assuming by ORG. you mean original. Honda dealers still sell them and you can also order them online from Honda dealer parts sites.
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In my case the original battery was still working 12 years later but it didn't test well so I replaced it to avoid future headaches. I was surprised to find that the Honda branded battery for these cars seemed competitive in terms of price/performance when compared to the alternatives.
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How much are your local Honda dealers selling you oem batteries for?

Would be good to know for everyone so we know what's a good deal and what's a rip-off.
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I have no idea who makes the Honda battery but know Honda does not. There's only a couple of manufacturers of lead-acid batteries in North America so brand logo is usually just eye candy. Compare the Group 51 battery price at places like Autozone as well as the Honda dealer. There may not be a price difference. There's a Duralast in mine. I this is the AutoZone "brand." Matter of convenience the weekend of my daughter's wedding so I didn't shop it, just bought it off the shelf.

-- Chuck
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The battery is like 108 bucks after a core charge through Honda. If you can get a dealer to price match Majestic you could get it for $88 if you give them your old battery I’m assuming.

As far as I know Interstate makes them for Honda. Either way these are much cheaper than most parts store batteries I’ve seen, and if there is a cheaper “Acme” battery on the shelf I’m sure it’s only marginally so but the OEM would undoubtedly be much better.
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The Honda branded battery is a bargain. I just priced my Duralast Gold battery and it's $178 including the core charge.

-- Chuck
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You can get the Costco battery (Interstate) but the only issue is the cathode and anode are reversed.
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...which is why the Honda dealer Interstate battery is such a good idea. It properly fits the car, and isn't that much more than the Costco Interstate one that is reversed.
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It is always cool to see how long some OEM batteries last. I know that for Toyota, a lot of theirs were made by Panasonic. The OEM in one of my Toyota products lasted 10 years of daily driving and MN winters before it started struggling.

I had read somewhere that Japanese manufactured Hondas also used Panasonic batteries ,but US built cars used Delphi batteries (which are pretty much junk in comparison).
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