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Looking at getting an S2000


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I'd say Japanese Import with UK rear bumper - No headlamp washers, which can be a retrofit removal, but the centre console also doesn't have the headlamp wash button...which was moved on the first update to behind the steering wheel..

I know as I used to accidently squirt it when resting on the centre console..

So a lot for a 99 Japanese import...looks fit, but rear screen is the original plastic one which will tear in the cold winters ...


Just noticed further down its marked as an import........
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Originally Posted by lovegroova View Post
Someone will know better than me, but this might well be a Japanese Domestic Model that was imported into the UK in 2002. That would explain the square front number plate - the original rear bumper which would also have had a square number plate, may well have been replaced at some point.

It does look like a good example, though.
This car was registered first in the UK 31/12/99, so the 2002 part was a typo from the dealer
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Certainly think you can do better for the money.
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Originally Posted by Matt_98 View Post
Hey Groova and Paul,

The insurance for me is around 1.7k which im fine with, currently paying 1.4k on my first car which is a 1.2L waste of time.

I heard the rusting on some of them is horrible to fix.

And Paul did you buy it at 110k miles? If so how many miles did you go after that?
I bought my first S at 80k and had a sticky valve stem oil seal almost straight away. No big drama. That was the last issue I had (other than the obligatory TCT replacement) until I parted company with it at a little over 111k. At that mileage it had the start of arch rot and seized geo bolts - fortunately all in alignment so I left them alone but the engine was solid, quiet and whilst it liked a drink of oil it didn’t smoke. Damn I miss that car...

My second S had 60k or there about on the clock and was a complete nightmare. My best advice is to learn as much as you can about the car and buy carefully; check there is a service history and call the people who actually did the service to check it was done and what was done.

That said, I agree with Groova, lowest mileage and best condition available for your budget...

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Just to add my two’penneth (from bitter experience), if you get a late car 2008/2009 that looks good in all respects (rust, geo bolts, low mileage etc) make sure you check the crankshaft end-float. Wish I had...
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Moderator comment - I've removed some posts from non paying members advertising cars for sale. If you wish to advertise, please join up as a paying member and make a post in the For Sale Forum.

Thank you.
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