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Original DIY write-up by OneSilverS2k

I know we all love our S2000s. I know I love to travel far in mine and I use a GPS to get to where I am going. I also like to charge my phone and adapt converters to use a laptop. I could write about everything that can plug into them. The list is endless.

The stock location in my opinion was not well thought out. I do not want my GPS cord hanging from my windshield all the way back to my center console. I think this would get in the way of my space and my shifter. I thought to myself, what would be a good location to put one? The answer was found and that is why this write-up was created.

I want everyone to know you can use BOTH outlets; this does not eliminate the stock one Honda placed in the console!

I decided to go with one of the two removable panels next to the radio. I took off the passenger side panel next to the radio. You will notice in the photos you can not just drill a hole where ever you want. T he cross bar for support for the dash is there. Measurements must be made to clear that.

I started by going to the junk yard and removing a outlet and wiring from a Toyota Corolla, I think it was a 1999 or so. You can use any car’s outlet really. I like Toyota’s so that is what I am using (I have had 12 Supras now, so I am sort of a Toyota freak).

I didn’t use the light that illuminates the outer part clear plastic part. Since the stock one on the S2000 does not, I wanted to keep that trend going.

So here we go. To start, locate the panel on the passenger side. It comes off with one screw.

Next you will see the support there that will get in your way if you cut a hole in the wrong spot.  Measurements must be used in order to clear this.  The whole point of doing this is to look like Honda did it, not you.

I am fitting the outlet that I pulled from a Toyota Corolla to see if the backing of it will clear further in the area I want to place it.

This is about the size of it.  I did not use the small light that illuminates the outer clear section.  I just posted what it looks like if you did.

Measurement time.  It helps to get this right the first time.

Next I brought the panel over to the bench.  I placed the panel on a work towel/rag so it does not get scratched.  As you can see I am using a Dremel.

The kit is also nice to have laying around. I have a few kits.

Weapon of choice I started with.

With the measurements I made, I am making the pilot hole at the “o” in console, and the “0” in the part number.

Next tool I use to enlarge the hole to the size used.

With the size of that grinding tool, this is what I have so far.

Final hole that was created after about 4 minutes.

Fitment perfect like always.

Next you will want to remove your center console and your panels behind the seat and get to the stock location of the outlet.  I just spliced into the wires from the outlet and ran wires loomed of course to the location desired.  I also added a plug so I can just take the panel with the outlet out.

All the wiring I used flux and soldered every joint.  I shrink wrapped all of those and used small loom like Honda uses through the chassis to create something that Honda should have just placed there.

The finished product.

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