Which is your favorite mod?

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Many of us have made numerous modifications to our S2000s and I bet that we’ll never stop doing so. They were moments of anticipation when we started seeking for a new addition to our rides. Even worse, the waiting time to complete a mod to the S2000 feels like forever. The list of what to choose from will always be endless. Usually a mod could be considered as something big, but that is not always the case. Even the smallest mod can be really interesting and become one of our favorite mods. Have you ever thought about which mod is your favorite? Well, think about it for a second and you shall see that it is not so easy to decide. There is an interesting topic in the S2000 Gallery posted by BanzaiS2K2003 who is calling every S2000 owner to introduce their favorite mod. Join in and share it with us!

S2000 Forums -> Favorite Mod Thread

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