Classic S2000 Sales Video from 1999 Unearthed

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This classic video was distributed to Honda dealers in late 1999.

At this point, we know pretty much all of the technical information discussed in this video. However, back in ’99, this was cutting edge stuff. Even now, the AP1 and AP2 chassis’ can hang with the latest and greatest cars.

Regardless, it’s pretty cool to see this internal document distributed by Honda to it’s dealer network. It’s clear that Honda was quite proud of the S2000. One has to wonder if the Honda of today would bring in racing drivers to “review” it’s cars. This video is so delightful to watch, it’s like a time capsule that takes me right back to 1999. I won’t waste more of your time, just check out the video, it’s great. classic Honda S2000 promotional video from 1999

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