Spa Yellow AP1 S2000 For Sale in Chicago Keeps It Super Clean

By - Honda S2000 S2KI Spa Yellow AP1 for sale

Meet the Spa Yellow unicorn roaming the Chicago roads. Honda S2000 S2KI Spa Yellow AP1 for sale

As car enthusiasts, we spend days on end searching for the cars of our dreams (within budget) on the Internet. In this particular case, we came across what seems to be the S2000 of choice currently for sale in Arlington Heights close to Chicago, IL on Craigslist.

[EDITOR’S NOTE: Update, that sure sold fast!]

Before we get to all the bits and bobs, the S2000 for sale is a 2001 AP1 in the ever gorgeous Spa Yellow and currently has 30,500 miles on the odometer.

Before the current owner took delivery of the car, the first owner was a 75-year-old man who used it as a fun weekend car. It was virtually bone stock without a single modification done. It’s also worth mentioning that the AP1 had just around 21,000 miles when the current owner took ownership back in February of last year. The car went from going from completely bone stock to going through a variety of changes over the past year and a half. Unlike most modified S2000s you usually see this one is on the simple and subtle side of the spectrum. Honda S2000 S2KI Spa Yellow AP1 for sale

Keeping it clean and simple

The seller lists a complete mod list on the CL post and you’ll be quick to notice that most of the changes have been done to the audio system. A Kenwood Bluetooth head unit, JL Audio amplifier, speakers, and subwoofer have been chosen to replace the factory units. As far as performance goes, the F20C remain completely unaltered. The suspension seems to be stock, however the seller did upgrade to 17″ Enkei PF01 wheels, a bit larger than the OEM 16″ AP1 wheels. The exterior is almost delaer showroom fresh and the OEM soft top show minimal signs of wear. Take a look inside and you’ll be astonished to how well maintained the seats are. The cabin is as clean as you’re going to find when searching for the remaining immaculate AP1s left. And you can have all this goodness for the asking price of $20,000.

We’ll be honest with you. Had we won the Powerball jackpot recently, we sure as hell would’ve gotten a plane ticket and driven this Spa Yellow unicorn back to Los Angeles in a heartbeat. One thing for sure is that we’re extremely jealous of whomever took delivery of this beautiful machine. What do you think of this AP1? Would you fork out the $20k for it or pass? Let us know on the forum!

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