Snarky Honda S2000 Brings the Noise to Summit Point

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Thanks to the exhaust system on this S2000, you’ll always know when VTEC really kicked in, yo.

There’s something to be said about an S2000 tackling some sweet corners at a race track. While not every model was purchased by an enthusiast, the majority of them have seen some sort of on-track action, one way or another. This one is brought to us by James Schall, who in this particular video is being instructed by legendary automotive journalist, Jack Baruth.

According to the description, this action took place during the Trackdaze at Summit Point Shenandoah Circuit. The ride in question is allegedly an AP2 S2000 with stock motor and suspension. Although it sports Hankook RS3 track day tires on OEM AP1 wheels. There’s no mention of any exhaust modifications, either, curiously. However, judging by the melodic-yet-raspy sound, we have reason to believe it’s been modified. Or, perhaps, James has the best microphone ever. Either way, we don’t care, it sounds incredible. And how clear is that audio, no? Honda S2000 S2K Summit Point Jack Baruth Shenandoah Track Day

Unfortunately, the pack in front of the S2000 never clears enough to allow the driver to build up some speed, but it’s still a rather interesting video to watch, especially with the neat “telemetry.” While the description does mention that this is the driver’s first track day in the S2000, it doesn’t mention if it’s the driver’s first track day overall, or just in that vehicle.

Watching this makes us want to hit the track, but until then, we’ll just have to watch this and enjoy that awesome sound one more time.

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