Honda S2000 Drifts at a Track Day, No Effs Given

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Hotshot S2000 driver decides to whip the rear end around an entire lap, only to realize he had an audience.

Dedicated track days aren’t just the only way most of us non-wealthy enthusiasts can get a taste of racetrack-driving, but also the safest. Being able to flirt with your S2000’s limit is very exciting, but it can also be very tempting to do other…sillier things.

Take for example this video by LuckyDuckRacing, who recently embarked on a track day and recorded a tutorial video on what not to do.

The 2.5-minute-long footage primarily shows an S2000 letting it aaaaaaall hang out on every single turn (and even straight) of the track. It’s unknown which track this takes place at, but it certainly looks like a proper circuit. Unfortunately, he’s quite literally vandalizing it by laying down rubber like a drifting savage.


Oftentimes the driver can be seen looking back or peaking at his mirrors to make sure no one’s directly behind him, and hoping he doesn’t get caught doing such dirty deed. Meanwhile, captions across the screen attempt to make viewers laugh by saying things like, “Give me some more POWER!!!” or “Try using the round thingy.”

Eventually, the angle changes and the S2000 can be seen from behind through a camera mounted on another vehicle. It’s unclear whether this was a legitimate video or simply a stunt designed to show drivers how not to act on a track day.

Whatever this is, DON’T be this guy!

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