Why Buy A Honda S2000: An Owner’s Perspective

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We won’t go as far as calling it a collector’s car, but few others can match the level of driving purity and rawness offered by an S2000.

Why do we love getting into the driver’s seat and just driving? Simple, because it puts us in complete control of our experience. That said, how do you squeeze the most out of your driving enjoyment? One way to ensure some joy is hopping in a convertible on a crisp day. The top-down experience has a way of clearing out the mental clutter. Of course a convertible is nice but so is a true drivers car. For a relatively low price point, you can get yourself a convertible sports car which is exactly what this Medicmagic video explains the many reasons he loves his S2000.

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The Honda S2000 and speed are not synonymous with each other in the car world. Yet, the very first reason MedicMagic gives to own a S2000 is the way it feels when he drives the car. It feels like he is driving much faster than the speedometer reads. The sensation of speed is accentuated by the cockpit setup being completely driver-oriented. Feeling good about your car can also come from the reliability you can expect from Honda.

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We drive the cars we do, to feel good behind the wheel. The S2000 seems to deliver on all fronts and with so many made over the years, they are prime for picking, even though prices are going up. Still, the right now is the time to buy a S2000. Honda is not making them anymore and every day more S2000s are lost to accidents or theft. So, if you are reading this and you don’t own a one, then go buy an S2000 now! His reasons for loving the S2000 are solid and here at S2KI we agree. So, let us know in comments below, what aspects about the car made you want to go out and buy a S2000?

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