Check Out This F20C-Powered 1930 Ford Model A Rat Rod

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Turning a dream into reality, it’s classic hotrodding, with a JDM twist.

The video you see above has been floating around social media recently and for good reason. For one, it’s a 1930 Ford Model A that’s been chopped and modified to look as badass as possible. And the other reason? Well, let’s just say that you’ll have to turn your speakers or headphones up to 11, and just hear the beautiful noise coming out of the exhaust. For any S2000 or Honda enthusiast in general, it’s no other than the orgasmic sound of an F20C screaming to 9,000 RPM.

Rendering by Aaron Beck.

We know what you’re all thinking. But why though? The question you should be asking yourself is, “Why not?”. That’s the general idea former owner James Schwartz had in his head when inception took place. It all began with a rendering drawn up by designer Aaron Beck of a Ford Model A modified to look like a Formula 1 racer. Open-wheeled with large tires all around, as low to the ground as possible, and you can’t forget about that signature large rear wing out the back.

Let the madness begin: S2000 heart +Model A body.

Within no time at all, James picked up a Ford Model A and started doing extensive metal fabrication to the cab. A 6-inch chop was done and the grill was also shortened. To get the Model A as low as possible to the ground, a custom frame had to be made along with a c-notch in the rear. Up front, the AP1-derived F20C motor made its way in the engine bay with the slick 6-speed manual gearbox.

Along with the AP1 drivetrain components, the digital gauge cluster with the iconic 9,000 redline found its way inside the Model A. Instead of mounting it directly in front of the drive, it was moved over to the center of the dash. An AP1 engine start/stop button was also added as a cherry on top.

The biggest missing element from the original rendering is the F1-style front wing. However, James did manage to recreate the air scoop on the roof to feed air into the rear-mounted radiator. To compliment the massive rear wing, a custom rear diffuser was made from scratch.

A 1930 Ford Model A on the outside with a heart of an AP1 is something not a lot of people think about building. A few years ago, James sold his unique rat rod to Ricky Boada, who is the one doing the fly why in the video above. If you want to know more about this Model AP1, check out the walk-around video down below.

What do you guys think of this F20C powered Ford Model A? Would you build one yourself? Let us know on the forum!

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