This S2000 is Waiting for a 2JZ swap.

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A 2JZ swap is a big project, but having an S2000 waiting with both an empty engine bay and an engine next to it is just the first step.

A 2Jz swap for an S2000 is an often talked about but, in reality, a rare thing to see. In this case, Carson from the RspecRyan Youtube channel has the basic ingredients in his garage already. However, the S2000 has obviously been sitting underneath its cover for quite some time already. In the video, they discuss what will be needed for the swap.

Honda S2000 2JZ engine swap

Carson’s 2JZ is currently attached to an auto transmission, but he intends to install a T-56 instead. The plan is to run it with a Haltech ECU and, initially at least, stock turbos. To get the project started, he’s going to need engine mounts, a new drive shaft and differential. However, Carson says he’s not going to change the rear end straight away, but we suspect that may turn out to be a mistake later. Stock S2000 diffs tend to go kablammo with regularity, it’s not designed for the kind of torque planned here. Better hope that aforementioned replacement one is strong.

Then there’s the issue of fitting it in. There’s going to be some fabrication, and even ready-made conversion kits require a modified or custom steering rack at the very least. The good news is that Carson understands he has a long way to go. The rest of the video is about a Mitsubishi EVO, but it shows that they have a large and well-equipped garage to use.  They also feature some other modified cars so it looks like they should have the chops to make it happen. We hope so and will be following any progress with interest.

For an example of an already completed 2Jz swap into an S2000 check out this thread on the S2Ki forum.

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