Market Watch: No, Your S2000 Isn’t Appreciating In Value Yet

By - Honda S2000 AP1 AP2 Value Price Cost

The asking price on this AP2 comes down to wishful thinking.

Holding value and appreciating value are two very different things. One is expected from a Honda, and the other…isn’t, at least for now. But one thing to know about today’s automotive market is that sports and performance cars with a strong pedigree and extremely low mileage can increase in price.

But we have to disagree with the S2000 being one of those cars. Before you light the torches and gather the pitchforks, here us out.

We bring up the point because we found this one on eBay. There it sits in all its glory, with a “buy it now” price of $35,995. Mind you, that’s more than the original MSRP. Observing other S2000’s for sale will have you struggle to find one in this condition, but that extra bit of wear and use would also save you a huge chunk of change. Honda S2000 AP1 AP2 Value Price Cost

We have spoken before of a very high dollar S2000 – notably the Spoon Racing S2000 – but that justifies its price based not only on the build, and the pedigree, but also being one of the very last S2’s ever built. Had this one been a very early production example of an AP1, we could see an elevated asking price justified. But here, on this one, we can’t.

We can fully agree that the car’s condition is flawless. Even in the engine bay, there’s not a single sign of wear or use. But it’s a particularly ordinary paint and interior color combination. And it isn’t even one of the special edition CR’s either. So while it accurately claims to be “collector quality,” there’s nothing really collectible about it. Granted most of these cars were bought and used quite hard. Original examples with scant mileage might be something worth preserving some day, but not today.

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