YouTuber Lists 5 Things He Hates About His S2000

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Like our mom always told us, if you can’t say anything nice…

It’s not always easy being a YouTube personality. We’re not joking — we have friends that do it, and to us, it sounds like kind of a raw deal. If you create thoughtful, quality content, your channel grows in popularity, those sweet, sweet advertising bucks start rolling in, and you can quit your day job and be a full-time car guy on the internet. Sounds great, right? Not exactly.

Unfortunately, once something becomes your job, it no longer becomes your escape from the daily grind. The pressure to consistently upload content is high, and if you simply aren’t feeling inspired, it’s no excuse — if you want to keep the lights on, you have to come up with something.

A lot of times, channel owners turn to controversy and clickbait. We don’t blame them — it’s an easy way to get people’s attention these days. Of course, do it too many times, and you alienate your core audience.

YouTuber Lists 5 Things He Hates About His S2000

Broke Boys on YouTube recently fell into this trap. In this video, Andy Pineda tries to hold things together solo-style and get a video out. With few ideas, he decided to list five things he hates about his car. We have a hard time finding anything wrong with a black AP2 with red seats, so we’re intrigued.

Things get off to a bad start with crows interrupting his intro, but given that he couldn’t even spit out his gum to talk to the camera, what’s a little background noise between friends?

He starts out with cupholders, hardly a hot take. Like many sports cars, the S2000 cupholders are positioned poorly and are rather undersized and flimsy. With space at a premium, cupholders in most sports cars are more of an afterthought anyway. Talk to one of your older, sports car-loving friends…they’ll be jealous that you even have them in the first place.

Next, he mentions blind sports with the top up, cargo room, and wind noise. These are pretty common problems for convertibles in general, and we’re hardly breaking new ground here.

Lastly, he complains about the lack of power in the S2000. Look, if 100 horsepower per liter in your lightweight sports car isn’t enough for you, I don’t know what to tell you. Specifically, he complains about low-end horsepower, lamenting that the car has to be driven aggressively to extract the most power out of it. Yeah, that’s kind of the whole point.

We’re not sure how Pineda ended up with an S2000 in the first place, but we think something like a Challenger might be more his speed. We hear those have huge cupholders.

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