Engineering Explained Supercharges His Honda S2000

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After countless mods and highly educational videos, it’s finally time for some forced induction on this yellow S2000.

Without a doubt, one of our favorite YouTube channels of all-time is Engineering Explained. Not just because it’s so darn educational, of course. But also because one of the main subjects of the series is, you guessed it, a Honda S2000. We’ve seen the Honda used to explain things like high-revving engines and even receive a number of upgrades. But now, EE has finally decided to kick things up a notch. With nothing less than a supercharger!

To be specific, a Science Of Speed Stage 1 kit. With the help of fellow YouTuber Humble Mechanic, the installation is pretty simple and straightforward, yet time consuming. A simple FVM controller and a mere 6 psi of boost is good enough for an extra 100 horsepower. And we’d say that’s well worth the 14 hours (and a recommended buddy) it takes to get the job done.

Honda S2000

Making the job even more appealing, most of the tools required are probably already in your garage. With the exception of a crankshaft pulley removal tool, that is. And if you do have one of those laying around, kudos to you. In this case, the dynamic duo also went ahead and replaced the spark plugs, fuel injectors, fuel filter, and idle and tensioner pulleys.

From the looks of things, the biggest obstacle to supercharging this S2000 is the need to remove the front bumper. It also helps to have a buddy when you’re trying to torque the crank bolt and supercharger pulley. Unless you’re just jacked, that is. Otherwise, phone a friend and buy him a case of his favorite beer. And then be prepared to help him with his Honda S2000 after he gets hooked on your new huffer.

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