12k Mile Honda S2000 Is One Beautiful Cream Puff

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Honda S2000

Love ’em or hate ’em, you just can’t deny the appeal of this barely used, supremely pristine, black-on-black AP1.

Folks tend to have mixed feelings when it comes to low-mile stashes. Some hate the fact that these cars haven’t been driven much, and fear the resulting mechanical mess that might ensue. Others just love these well-preserved beauties, because they remind us of what a long gone model like the Honda S2000 looked like fresh off the assembly line. We tend to fall in the latter camp, of course.

Which is why we were instantly enamored with this stunning AP1 Honda S2000 up for grabs over at Rick Hendrick Performance. With only 11,953 miles showing on the odometer, you won’t get much closer to new. There’s nary a sign of wear on the Berlina Black exterior, nor the matching leather interior. Credit a full paint protection film job, which the original owner wisely had installed upon delivery. Which isn’t something you saw a lot of 18 years ago.

Honda S2000

No word on mechanical maintenance. But we’re guessing that if the original owner went to such great lengths to maintain the outside of this special Honda S2000, he did the right thing underneath that beautiful exterior, too. If you want further proof, just feast your eyes on the gorgeous interior. There you won’t find any signs of wear whatsoever. Not even the typical leather “wrinkles” that normally adorn the driver’s seat of most cars.

Honda S2000

Sure, we couldn’t possibly imagine the restraint it would take to drive a car as awesome as a Honda S2000 a mere 600 or so miles a year. In fact, we’d liken that more to torture than anything else. But we’re also glad that some people do it. If nothing else, it gives us a nice reminder of what these cool little roadsters “used” to look like!

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