Super Street S2000 Build Part 3: Adding Boost

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GReddy’s new bolt-on turbo kit is an all encompassing solution for this week-long S2000 build.

Boost just makes everything better. Whether you’re talking about superchargers or turbos, cramming more air into your engine is a quick and dirty way to extract more power. And since Super Street is building their “Week to Wicked” Honda S2000 in just 120 hours, it’s also a no-brainer way to add some power to their project. So on day 3 of the 5 day build, that’s exactly what they did.

The ambitious project kicked off with a suspension overhaul including AST Suspension coilovers and Energy Suspension poly bushings. Which is obviously a nice start given this AP1’s 137k miles. Day 2 was spent installing GReddy’s V2 S2000 turbo kit, which includes a Garrett GTX2867R Gen II turbo, manifold, intercooler, and all associated hardware.


The SS crew managed to get all the hard stuff done on the second day. So day 3 was all about finishing up the installation. GReddy claims the simple kit should extract around 300 hp from the stock F20C. With that wrapped up, a resonator-free GReddy Performance Products RS Race cat-back exhaust system was installed to ramp up the sound.

To manage the newly turbo’d engine, SS sourced GReddy’s E-Manage system. Deatschwerks 600cc injectors help feed the engine the fuel it needs. Meanwhile, a Profec Electronic Boost Controller and AEM Electronics’ X-Series air/fuel ratio gauge help the driver keep tabs on the whole thing. And the best thing about all of this cool kit? It’s pretty much all plug and play.


At the end of day 3, the SS team managed to get all this buttoned up. The engine started right up on the first try, which obviously brought more than a few welcome sighs of relief. Now it’s on to day 4 and a much needed clutch replacement!

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