Hemmings S2000 Ad Showcases Prices Going Up, Again

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Supercharged 2006 Honda S2000

A modified AP2 selling for $34,000 — is this the new normal?

It’s readily apparent to anyone who follows S2000 values that prices are climbing. They simply aren’t making any more, and to modern sensibilities, the idea of a small, light, two-seat roadster with no automatic transmission option seems like a completely foreign concept. In a world full of boring crossovers, iPhone integration, Uber, and autonomous driving, it’s hard to believe that Honda was building and selling these cars just a few short years ago.

Enthusiasts who yearn for a back-to-basics approach are willing to pay increasingly higher sums of money for clean S2000s. This example we found on Hemmings is a prime example of a car that would have been an unremarkable used car in the not-too-distant past.


With 63,000 miles on the clock, it’s far from a pampered, low-mileage example, but it still presents very well. Suzuka Blue, especially with the matching blue interior, is a simply iconic color combination on the S2000. Still, that alone does not justify the $34,000 price tag.

Supercharged 2006 Honda S2000

What apparently does is the the Vortech supercharger installation, which, at 15 PSI of boost, produces 442 horsepower at the rear wheels. This is one S2000 that will never feel short on power. While modified cars usually fetch less money than stock, unmolested examples, this car goes a long way to prove that tastefully modified S2000s will always be in style — and in high demand.


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With stock wheels and bodywork, this S2000 would fall under a liberal definition of the word “sleeper.” While S2000s may be well-known for their handling prowess, nobody would ever call one “powerful.” That is, of course, unless someone was packing over 440 horsepower to the rear wheels of one. Given the impressive power-to-weight ratio of even a stock S2000, we’re certain that this car would be content to surprise any pony car foolish enough to take their chances.

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