Honda S2000 Runs 7 Minute Nurburgring Lap Time

By - Honda S2000 Nurburgring 7 minute lap

This Honda S2000 holds the lap record at the Nurburgring.

When the Honda S2000 was introduced, back in 1999, Nurburgring lap times weren’t the mainstream obsession that they are today. Of course, footage exists of an AP1 hitting the Nordschleife course. In fact, I think it was a vintage BEST MOTORing piece. However, looking beyond that, not much has been made of Hondas’ last sports car, and it’s capabilities.

Of course, S2000’s are one of the most common track rats these days. With great powertrains, relatively low weight, and double-wishbone suspension front and rear, it’s a no-brainer. So, it should be no surprise that privateers are hitting the ‘Ring with their S2k’s and seeing what they can do.

This German S2000 enthusiast has cracked the 7-minute barrier around the Nurburging, if only just, turning a 7:59.8 lap time. That is fast for a street car. OneLapHeroes has a brief interview with the owner, as well as the in-car footage showing the feat, so let’s check it out:

Interestingly, the car has a rather mild setup, all things considered.

Powertrain-wise, this 2001 S2000 has a 2009-spec engine. Though, in Europe, even the AP2 models retained the 2.0L F20C engine. It’s an un-opened engine, stock engine, stock ECU and stock drivetrain. Though, an upgraded clutch and lighter flywheel are hidden in there. The only appreciable power adder, if you can call it that, is an Invidia exhaust, with high-flow cats. Oh, and an oil catch can, because S2000’s love oil blow-by.

On the chassis setup side of things, again, nothing fancy. Full polyurethane bushings, for suspension and driveline. All that poly is paired with D2 coilovers (isn’t that an eBay brand?); a “strut” tower bar and steering rack spacers. Usually rack spacers are for drift cars, but maybe the owner needed more angle for tight cornering. The brakes are stock discs and calipers, with Ferodo DS1.11 track pads, and stainless steel brake lines. This AP1 sits on 17×8 square setup OZ wheels with Kuhmo V70A, semi-slick, 50 UTQG track day tires.

The lap is remarkably smooth, and the in-car video shows a very calm, metered driver. One would guess this isn’t his first shot at the ‘Ring.

Jake Stumph is the lead Content Editor for S2KI and several other Internet Brands Automotive websites. He enjoys track days, drifting, and autocross, at least, when his cars are running right.

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