Start Your Track Day Adventures with This Prepped S2000

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track day S2000 marketplace

Have motorsport dreams? Why not get an S2000 already set up for track day fun?

Imagine a situation where you’re in the market for an S2000, and you want to go to track days with it, but don’t want to bother with all of the time and effort of modifying it for track use. This would make for an ideal situation to check out our S2KI marketplace section, as you’ll often find vehicles like Jaiglesias4‘s S2000.

What makes this S2000 awesome? Namely, Honda’s legendary reliability is kept intact with a completely stock and fully serviced engine. Leaving Honda’s engine alone means you can work this engine without worry, and with a regular driveline, you can tolerate this car in a traffic jam or two without wearing out your clutch leg.

track day S2000 marketplace

But the track day mods are aplenty. With safety being the focus of this car, Sparco seats and harnesses are used, in conjunction with a rollbar. A rear decklid spoiler and front splitter keep this car planted to the ground. Only some creature comforts are sacrificed, including some interior panels and the air conditioning, but otherwise, this is the kind of car can be driven to the track, have a round of fun, and drive back home.

What track days would you use it for? Better question is, where wouldn’t you? Honda’s popularity in time attack series like Global Time Attack and GRIDLIFE have proven that two decades later, the AP1 and AP2 chassis are still some of the best chassis platforms ever made. Not only would it be a great starter track day car, but one that can grow with you as you move up the ranks.

Better yet, if you’re reading this, your chances of having an S2000 are quite likely, so send this to that one friend who hasn’t bought one yet and needs to be part of your crew.

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