New Formula Red S2000 is an Unmodified Unicorn

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2008 Honda S2000

There’s no better way to a pure S2K experience than this low-mileage red beauty with black leather interior.

While we at S2KI enjoy seeing many enthusiasts get the most out of their S2000s through cool modifications to the engine, bodywork, suspension, and so on, there’s something to be said for leaving something amazing, like the S2000, alone. Stock S2Ks are becoming as rare as unicorns and dragons, so it’s nice when one does appear.

Especially if it’s an S2000 in New Formula Red with black leather interior, like this one for sale on Bring a Trailer.

2008 Honda S2000

This AP2 S2000 has around 11,000 miles on the odometer, 2,500 added on by the current owner. The S2K’s never been in an accident, and it still has its stock 17-inch wheels, which are wrapped in Bridgestone Potenza RE050 tires.

How could we forget the magic of the 2.2-liter F22C1 VTEC inline-four and its six-speed manual transmission? When new, this combo delivered 237 horses and 162 lb-ft of torque to the rear wheels through the limited-slip differential. That might not seem like much, but you don’t need a ton of power when the S2000 is all about driving ecstasy.

And what better way to go than wrapped in the S2000’s black leather interior. There may be some wear in the driver’s seat, but that only means it was enjoyed immensely. Why keep something like this wrapped away in a climate-controlled garage?

2008 Honda S2000

A modified S2000 is cool in its own right, but a stock S2000 has something that can be only lost once the first mods arrive. You simply can’t go wrong with a car like this red and black S2000.

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