This 2007 S2000 Needs Help, But Is It Worth Saving?

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Salvage Title AP2 S2000 Needs Help

Despite the low-mileage, this AP2 has been through the ringer, seemingly, multiple times. But, how far gone is too far gone?

A common talking point about the Honda S2000 is values: how much is too much? It not as though Honda is making any more of them. However, with this S2000 we found on Craigslist, the question is the same, but the context certainly isn’t.

Indeed, with this S2000, which is a 2007 model, with 71,000 miles on the odometer, the question shifts to “how much damage is too much damage?”

As per the ad, the car is being sold by the third owner, who has the (salvaged) title in-hand, though registration status is listed as non-op. That’s certainly a big knock right there, but the ad goes on, saying that the car will not pass smog, and will need to be towed due to “the front suspension taking a dump.” Looking at the pictures, it appears the front wheels are pushed notably forward in the wheel wells. This could be busted ball joints, bad control arms, and even a damaged subframe, though, the seller does not elaborate.

The seller goes on to say that the engine and trans are operational, but that the front end needs repair and the soft tap is torn. But, hey, at least the interior is in “very good condition,” and there is no frame damage. Oh boy.

Car the body is trashed, the top is trashed, the front suspension is trashed and the car has a salvage title. However, it is a 2007 model with low miles, so at least it has that going for it. But, with an asking price of $7,500 as it sits, is it worth saving? By our estimation, the car needs about $4,000 worth of paint, body and top repairs and an unknown amount of suspension work, as well as possible time on the frame machine, just to make sure it’s totally straight. After all of that, you’d be left with a later model, low mileage S2K, albeit one with a branded title.

So, S2KI, is this one worth saving?

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