Modified AP2 S2000 Got a Turbo FR-S Owner to Switch Sides

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It’s perhaps not surprising that a Youtuber who focuses on automotive gaming would have a sweet ride of his own, like this S2000.

Youtube channel Roads Untraveled has gained a reputation for their car reviews, as being a bit different. It mainly boils down to their choice of car, which is often highly-modified and something people likely haven’t seen elsewhere, before. This episode is no exception, as host Marcus Vandenberg begins in a Nissan Altima rental car.

Of course, Vandenberg says, that Altima rental car isn’t why we’re here. Instead, he elaborates, he has traveled to the state of Georgia, to meet up with a few local car enthusiasts, in search of some of the incredible driving roads tucked away in the Appalachian mountainside. One of those car enthusiasts, fellow Youtube personality Tomcat, has offered his personal ride, a modified AP2 S2000, for Vandenberg to review.

Right away, Tomcat, AKA Forrest Byrd, walks us around his 2005 AP2, as he describes the rough-looking appearance of the car. In his own words, Byrd tells tales of the abuse his track-driven S2000 has suffered. The car wears its battle scars proudly, paint chips, missing corner lights and all.

On the outside, the car has a pretty aggressive aero package, with a vented hood, side strakes, a hard top, and provisions for a big wing. Byrd says it’s been temporarily removed, for the time being. Additionally, the stock fenders have been flared out rather aggressively to fit the wide Advan wheels and Falken RT615K+ tires. Inside, custom upholstered blue bucket seats match the blue interior, and a Hard Dog rollbar is also present. Power-wise, the car runs on a standalone ECU and has a full header-back exhaust system.

With Byrd behind the wheel, Vandenberg commences with a Q&A interview, mainly focusing on why Byrd decided to switch from a turbocharged Scion FR-S to the naturally-aspirated S2000. In short, Byrd is an ardent track day enthusiast, and wanted the consistency and reliability that NA engines provide. He goes on to elaborate that he specifically sought out a 2005 AP2, to get the “best of both worlds,” with the F22C engine, cable throttle, and no traction or stability control to get in the way of things.

Roads Untraveled AP2 S2000 Track Car Review

Eventually, the two change sides and Vandenberg immediately understands the appeal of this S2000, saying “Honda did… something really special with this car.” Throughout several cinematic shots, we can hear the exhaust note of the S2000 wailing off the mountain walls. To that point, Vandenberg asks to roll up the windows and Byrd chimes in that the sound is probably “peaking all of your microphones.” Leave it to another Youtuber to be sympathetic about filming a video. Ultimately, both proclaim the car to be surprisingly easy to drive, approachable and very fast. Sounds good to us.

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