S2000 Club Racer Alert! This One Hasn’t Been Priced Into the Stratosphere

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Berlina Black Honda S2000 Club Racer CR for Sale S2KI

S2000 Club Racer has actually been driven, and should continue to be driven, by its next owner.

It seems like S2000 Club Racer owners these days tend to sway in one of two directions. They either don’t drive them, at all, and prefer to hide their prized rides in garages, which is very sad. Or, others like to get out and drive the wheels off them, usually at the track, which we prefer to see.

However, the aptly named S2KI forum user clubrcr has, instead, but out and enjoying their ride. This Berlina Black Club Racer has over 57,000 miles on the odometer. Sadly, however, it’s time for them to part ways with their very special S2000. Listed below is their for sale ad:

Berlina Black Honda S2000 Club Racer CR for Sale S2KI

57,000 miles.
Asking $32,000

Life changes and I no longer have time to enjoy my S2000 as I used to.

I’m the second owner of the car, but purchased it from original dealer with only 3000 miles on it after original purchaser found he couldn’t afford it and traded it back in.

I have always maintained my car to all scheduled service intervals. ( I do all my own service work). The tires are a bit old but still have good tread ( I just haven’t driven it). My car has never been soloed, tracked or any kind of DE. (I have other race cars). Interior is a 9/10. Paint is good as it has had $3000 worth of 3M film on it since the day I bought it. My car was bumped from behind as I sat at a stop light shortly after I bought it. Rear bumper had to be fixed but all work was done by a Porsche/ Audi specialist body shop (Autometrics in metro Detroit) to a very high quality. My car has all its original vin tags on the fenders. I have had no mechanical issues with this car.

Car is 100% stock.

Asking $32,000
-will include Honda hard top stand too.
Call or text me with any questions.

Our seller has listed his full contact information in the for sale thread here, so if you are interested, drop them a line. Even better, tell us about it, afterwards! We love to hear about S2KI sales success stories!

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