Inside Japan’s Grassroots Time Attack Scene at Tsukuba Circuit

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Professional race shops and privateers, alike, mix it up at the iconic Tsukuba Circuit.

If there is one motorsport that car enthusiasts should be keeping their eyes on, it’s time attack. Innovation is at an all-time high in the sport, where every hundredth of a second divides you from the competition. Cut up your bumpers and build the craziest aero you can, it’s time to dominate the local track day.

That’s exactly what we see from this YouTube video from ShuBoxInc. Shot at Tsukuba Circuit in late January, we get a behind the scenes look at some of the most highly contest time attack racing in Japan. Specifically, between the fastest S2000s to ever lap the track: the Fura S2000 and the Arvou S2000. The Orange Fura S2000 holds the record around the track of a 57.376, but, interestingly, the driver retired after setting the record. After more than a year out of the game, and with literally no changes to the car, they are back to go even faster.

Japan Pro Am Time Attack at Tsukuba Circuit

Normally, you would be a bit rusty after a long vacation, but not this racer. On the out lap of the day, the Fura S2000 turned in a 57.454. That’s just 0.078 off their personal best, and the lap record.

Contesting this is the infamous Arvou S2000, which makes an appearance around the five minute mark. They, too, set a new lap record around Tsukuba, with a very quick 57.301. Interestingly, another, less modified Arvou-tuned S2000 appears later on, just missing the minute mark, with a 1:00.567.

Japan Pro Am Time Attack at Tsukuba Circuit

Also of note is a gorgeous Championship White FD2 Civic Type R near the end of the video. It has a carbon fiber front clip, sounds like an all-motor setup, and runs a 59.801.

What cars caught your eyes? We have to admit, even those FC RX-7s looked really good…

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