7 Pics of Spoon’s Amazing Honda Showroom

Take an inside look at the magical place where Hondas become even more special.

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You Know You Own an S2000 When… (Photos)

The seven sure signs you can’t get your S2000 off of your mind. Check out the reasons inside.

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The 12 Times the S2000 has Appeared in Films since 2000

Honda’s S2000 is popular because it’s an eye-catching vehicle that is also very easily customizable. Just take a look at all the ways it was presented in the movies.

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8 Most Expensive S2000 Roadsters Sold on Ebay last 90 Days

Honda’s S2000 is a great looking, fun to drive vehicle with a good resale value, and Honda has nothing new like it in showrooms to offer. Just check out how much these examples went for in the last three months.

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8 Things to Know Before Buying a Used S2000

If you’re in the market to purchase Honda’s classic roadster, there are some things you should consider first.

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