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Flashpro tuning question

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Default Flashpro tuning question

I have tried to register with Hondata to get this answered, but they still havent sent me an activation code via email.

I'm working on setting up a Target throttle plate table similar to used previously by Gernby for part throttle tuning.
I have successfully increased the number of rows in the table from 10 to 15 and I've imported in all the table values.
Here is what I have so far:

I have few questions. Why are the columns labelled "index"? Does that mean it's using my throttle index table?
How do I change it to "Pedal"? How do I change the values (currently 0 to 144) in the columns. Flashpro does not seem to want to allow me to chang3e them, but I know it can be done because I have seen various target throttle plate tables with these values changed. This is what I'm trying to change my table to:

This was a table previously posted by Gernby for others to use for part throttle tuning.

Any help on this is greatly appreciated.
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Hondata added an additional Throttle table a while ago so the 2nd pic you have is outdated slightly. In the 2nd pic is that "Pedal" should say "Index", and also the X axis scale is different.

The 1st table below is Accelerator Pedal vs Vehicle Speed and the output is Index.

The 2nd table is Index vs RPM and the output is Throttle Body angle.

So it's a 2 step process to figure out how Accelerator Pedal angle translates to actual Throttle Body angle at a given Vehicle Speed and RPM.

For example, for a stock map, a Pedal angle of 62.6% at 40mph means an Index of 72%, while the same Pedal angle at 160mph means an Index of 84.6. The ECU will interpolate values in between columns.

If you want to use Gernby's method, set the 1st table so the Index value at all Vehicle Speeds is the same for a given Pedal angle. Then if you want the same MAP at all RPMs, modify the 2nd table so the output (Throttle Body angle) results in the same MAP at all RPMs.

Let me know if this makes sense. I can provide another example with different values if needed.
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Thanks for your reply. I did enough looking around to figure it out. One comment, the speeds listed in the index table are in km/hr, not mph.

One follow up question - how do you determine the output in the second table that will result in the same MAP at all RPMs?

I ended up doing what you suggested above for the index table and then used Gernby's previous part throttle tuning target throttle plate table and it worked pretty well the other day. Not to hard to maintain a (somewhat) constant MAP during light throttle acceleration.

Thanks again for following up with such a detailed response. I really appreciate it.
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