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Originally Posted by Morris View Post
Rob, I learned years ago that many owners and partners of CPA firms that bragged about their long working hours were actually counting and including the hours playing golf with clients.
I bet some of them even billed the clients for the time.
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Originally Posted by boltonblue View Post
Rob there is a funny thing about golf.
Ultimately you are playing against yourself and nature. What other sport do you call penalties on yourself.
The great Bobby Jones said golf is played on the 5 inch fairway between the ears.
It is also said Golf is like a pair of bicycle shorts, it reveals a lot about a man. It is about integrity.
A man who is willing to cheat a golf is willing to cheat himself and anything or anyone else as well.

Perhaps the most beguiling aspect of the sport is the demands it puts on you mentally and how effective it is at occupying your mind.
If you want to be good at golf you have to focus; on the wind, the grass, the lie of the ball, the slope of the ground.
If you want to hit it well; you must be relaxed, the swing must flow gently from within, smooth yet controlled.
Those two elements demand your attention and work or home and any of the other crap can't intrude, they must cease and be put out of mind.
There is an exhilaration that comes with a perfect strike, utterly effortless and smooth, watching that little orb rise off into the distance floating towards the pin.
I'm not sure done well there is anything more therapeutic.

Golf has a lot of intrinsic values that reflect well on life.
One must be patient. There will be times when a perfect shot will land on a an unseen twig and take an insane bounce.
There will be times when a gawdawful hack will bounce out of the trees to the center of the fairways.
Life isn't fair, neither is golf. acceptance is critical to success.
In golf there are various risk rewards trades with every shot.
Can you carry over that bunker or stream or marsh area into the wind and face a lost ball or is it better to take the stroke and lay up?
You might get a birdie either way. it is important to know yourself and be honest with yourself about your skills!
The shots behind are already on the card, only the next shot matters. Keep forward looking

The list goes on and on. I wish I had had the opportunity to really learn the game as a younger man.

A bad day at golf is still better than a great day at the office.

You paint a very poetic, romantic picture of the game. For me though, it always seemed like a waste of time, hardly worth the time and effort spent learning it. I'm not knocking it, it's just not for me.

Like everthing else, I suppose those who like it, love it. Those who don't simply don't and can't understand what the appeal is to others.
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or paraphrasing,
"why climb the mountain?"
because it there, doesn't really answer the question.
It doesn't respond to the obligation one has to test oneself, to define who or what they are.
Golf is no different.
We all define ourselves in different ways. Some never have desire to take the test.
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