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CEL: OBD question

Old 09-29-2018, 07:17 AM
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Default CEL: OBD question

My 2009 S2000 has just thrown a CEL light. This is after removing/refitting the air filter box, but that may be complete coincidence. (The battery is towards the end of its life as well, but these might all be red-herrings)

Anyway, I have no plans to sell the car and thought it would be prudent to invest in a OBD2 reader for the future. A quick search in forums suggests there are various possible locations for the OBD plug. Can anyone tell me specifically where to look on a 2009 UKDM car?

Also, does anyone have any particular recommendations (or avoids) when purchasing a OBD reader? There are plenty listed on Amazon, etc. Anything I need to know about purchasing one for the S2000, particular brands to look out for or avoid? Car is standard with no engine or ECU mods.


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Left footwell just under the lip of the dash, next to the left side of the radio .
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Any old basic reader will do just fine. The various apps work very well (I use Torque and and an Android phone).

If you use Apple stuff, then you need a wifi reader rather than a bluetooth one.
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You will need an OBD II, the later spec for your MY09. I got one of the launch Creader models but other readers are available!
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Thanks for your replies guys.

Having looked about, the Carista adaptor with Bluetooth BLE is compatible with Apple iOS and many apps including the Carista app itself and others such as OBDFusion (I will be using an iPad to run the app.) All of these only work as a basic code reader with the Honda OBD2 interface, but the total cost will be less than £30 and also work on a bunch of other cars including my daily-drive beaten up diesel Astra.

Hopefully once I have retrieved the fault code(s) all will be revealed, but I might be back asking for suggested fixes if they prove a bit more complex.

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Why not read codes now with the paper clip method
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Right, I've got myself a Carista Bluetooth LE OBD adaptor, works just fine with either the Carista app or OBDFusion on Apple/iOS products.

I've read the code and got a P0113 (Intake Air Temp Sensor Circuit High Bank 1). Can't say I'm surprised as I previously removed and refitted the air filter box and disconnected the intake sensor from the air trunking.

So please excuse what may seem like an obvious question (this is my first foray into OBD): I've checked the plug and disconnected/re-connected hoping it may be not properly seated first time around, but I've still got the code. Does it need specific clearing or is there still a fault (loose wire, broken connection etc). Does it need a certain number of cycles to self-clear, or does it remain indefinitely?

Can I simply clear the code and see if it reoccurs, and do I need to do the ECU re-learn procedure if I use the OBD reader to clear the CEL? Does a CEL reset lose the fuel trims, idle speed etc?

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Cancel the code and run see if it returns, shouldn't need an ecu reset
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