J’s Racing 70RR Blue Exhaust review

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First off I would like to thank Phil at N1 Concepts, he is a Great vendor. I would like to change people’s view on J’s Racing exhaust. After months of searching for the ultimate exhaust, after looking at T1R, Js, Amuse, Invidia, I finally came to my decision with the J’s Racing 70RR Blue.

Let me start of and say for everyone that is looking to purchase this exhaust and afraid of the drone or being too Loud!!! This is far from being an uncontrollable exhaust and only good for track days. I daily drive it and Love it!!!!!

I previously had an Invidia N1 duals without a test pipe and let me say that it makes your head vibrate. It sounds great, is great for the money but as far as daily driven, I feel that is a much more in car vibrator.

On the other hand that J’s Racing is loud, don’t get me wrong especially when you go wide open throttle. But the majority of the noise is kept outside the cabin. If I were to rate noise/drone level I would say that:

Quite 1——5 Loud

Invidia by far a 5 (drone) and a 4 (loudness)

J’s Racing, a 3 (drone) and 5 (loudness)

It all depends how you drive and throttle position. I drove on a 2 hour car ride to an autocross event in Harrisburg, PA and 2 hours back, had that biggest smile on my face. My ears were not ringing and sounded like the Invidia with Silencers in on the Highway cruising at around 74 mph.

I am not trying to make any arguments because I am sure everyone has there own view on how loud they can handle. All I am trying to say is when I wanted to look into this exhaust. All I saw was “it will make your ears bleed” and impossible to DD and that is IMO not true at all.

All I can say is until you drive it you will not never know but wonder.

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