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Original write-up review by chubbychu

Well, the first thing I wanted to buy for my new S2000 was a nice round shift knob. I wasn’t sure if I was going to like the “round” knob feeling, but actually it’s very pleasant. It fills the palm and is comfortable in just about any position.

In any case, it just so happened Blox had their open house today and I was able to pick both the *142* and the *490* up for a discounted rate. I just HAD to know for myself what these knobs felt like. The internet can only tell us so much about how the shift knobs feel, weigh and look. Since there wasn’t a very definitive review for BLOX knobs and comparing the two, I thought I would take the liberty. I will be reviewing about height, weight, tactile finish, and diameter. These two knobs are Blox’s primary Round knobs.

I knew I had several selections such as the following, but because of the discount available and the convenience of buying locally, I just went for it.

The Moddiction Anvil Countersunk – Backordered
Rick’s Voodoo Knob Countersunk – Didn’t like the styling of the bottom stem
Ebay Vision Knob Not Countersunk – Ebay quality is iffy
TWM knobs – Pricey
MUZ knobs – Even more pricey
S2000 CR/JDM Type-R Knob Not Countersunk – $60.00 -$80.00
Blox 142 (smaller) and Blox 490 (heavier) both not countersunk – ranging from $30-$60

I’m gonna let the pictures do most of the talking, but my impression of the stock knob is that it’s a little too small and too tall for my hands. The Egg shaped stock knob, is somewhere in the middle for weight. I don’t have a scale, but it’s good if you don’t wanna spend money on it. It works, It’s stock.

The 490 is a stainless steel weighted NON-countersunk 490 gram knob. But it does sit significantly lower than the Stock Knob even without the retaining nut on the stock knob. The “Limited Edition” 490 line has a coating on it that makes it pleasantly smooth and not sticky but highly chrome-reflective looking. It is heavy. I almost don’t like the fact that it’s so heavy because it feels like it dampens sensitivity that you can feel from the car and is a little “top heavy”, but it’s size, polished finish and height (without retaining nut) make it my favorite knob. Without being countersunk it already sits low enough so I can rest my elbows on the s2000 console to shift.

The 142 is a aluminum, light, non-weighted knob. It’s basically 142 grams. It’s diameter is a .2″ smaller, which doesn’t sound like much but it just feels smaller. It sits the same on the shifter as the 490 but feels oddly small if you have larger hands. The matter silver finish makes it feel a little tactile and tacky but it’s also very beautiful and matches the stock silver dash trim. Some people like the feel of a lighter smaller knob and how responsive it needs the driver input to be. You have to help it snap into gears, while for a weighted knob, it just kinda cleanly mushes into the gear. I’m kind of torn, but it’s not a bad feeling either way.

In any case, my girlfriend hates the 490 because it’s GOLD colored. It goes perfectly with the TAN S2000 interior. I personally really like it and think it makes the interior pop. But it might be too much bling for some. The 142 I bought right after to please her just doesn’t feel the same compared to the 490. So my plan is to buy another Limited Edition 490 but in a less awesome color like… silver. The stock knob feels a little too small for my hands now.

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