Evasive Motorsports at the Annual Castrol Top Car Challenge

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In this year’s Castrol Top Car Challenge, six of the best tuners were selected by the editors of well known magazines, Eurotuner, Honda Tuning, Import Tuner, Modified Magazine, 5.0 Mustang & Super Fords and Super Street.

One of the selected cars that will battle for the title of Castrol Syntec Top Car on July 22nd, is the Honda S2000 of Evasive Motorsports, our S2KI sponsor. In a series of demanding tests, their tuned S2000 is considered to be an underdog among the cars which have more than 400 hp under the hood.

The main categories that those cars will compete against are drag, dyno, braking, time trial and emissions & price tag. The Honda S2000 is expected to have a significant advance in the time trial, braking and emissions & price tag categories.

An interesting part of the challenge is that you have the chance to cast your vote for the best tuner of the challenge. Although the vote totals will not be used to determine the winning car, it is really interesting to see the poll results at the end of the event. As a sponsor of S2KI, it’s as if Evasive Motorsports represents S2KI by competing with their Honda S2000. From our side, we certainly wish them to be the winning car and to get the best results!

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